Bringing distinguished speakers in the arts and humanities to Perimeter College

Sarah Larson Lecture Series in the Humanities

Welcome to the Sarah Larson Lecture Series in the Humanities at Georgia State University, Perimeter College. The lecture series was founded in 2010, and named after a valued and beloved faculty member who served Perimeter College for more than 20 years.

The key to the great success of the Sarah Larson Lecture Series has been enthusiastic support from faculty and students. Faculty have devoted time, talent, and real work to organize, publicize, and recruit well-known speakers on popular topics in the Humanities. Students have responded with gusto, voluntarily coming to campus for these events. Overflow crowds, hundreds of students and community members, standing-room only attendance testify to the eternal relevance of the Humanities to an advanced society and pulverize the philistines darkening our counsel with words without knowledge. For the English and Humanities departments, of primary importance is involving students with faculty; their interest and participation have been spectacular. We look forward to offering as much opportunity as possible in the Humanities for cultural growth, for personal enrichment, for academic study, and for careers that are fulfilling and rewarding.

This project is supported by Georgia Humanities and the National Endowment for the Humanities and through appropriations from the Georgia General Assembly. For more information on Georgia Humanities, click the image below.