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Customs: You will be required to go through Customs Inspection and Immigration Control upon arriving in your host country. Be prepared to show your passport and visa as well as any prescriptions for medications you are carrying.

If your laptop computer, watch, camera, camcorder, or similar device was made outside the U.S., you can register the item with U.S. Customs before you depart to avoid having to pay a duty on it when you return to the United States. Documents that fully describe the item - for example, sales receipts, insurance policies, or appraisals - are acceptable forms of proof that you owned the item prior to your trip abroad.

Power of attorney: If your signature will be needed for any official or legal document during your absence you should make arrangements for “power of attorney” to be held by an appropriate person to act on your behalf. You can do this by writing out in detail the specific duties that the person you choose will execute. Take this to a notary and have it notarized.

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