Welcome to the CIE's On-line Study Abroad Orientation.

Legal Issues: All study abroad participants should be aware of the legal conditions present in their host country. The most important thing to remember is that you are subject to the host countryís laws and judicial systems

Jurisdiction: The American legal and judicial systems do not have any jurisdiction in foreign countries, and the American Embassy has little or no ability to help students who break the law, behave recklessly, or act with disregard to, or ignorance of, the laws and customs of their host country. Once travelers leave U.S. jurisdiction, American laws and constitutional rights do not apply. Adhere to local laws strictly- donít assume that what is legal in the United States is also legal in other countries. Where laws are alleged to be more lenient, do the research! Do not trust rumor and hearsay- especially when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Ignorance of the law is no argument in any country.

In addition to the laws of your host country, GPC expects good conduct from all study abroad participants. There are certain rules and regulations that participants are expected to observe, and failure to do so can lead to disciplinary action both at your study abroad destination and upon return your return to Georgia. This applies to all participants, regardless of your home institution. Remember, only you are responsible for your conduct and for being a good ambassador for your country, state and your college. This section is designed to inform you of your rights and responsibilities as a GPC study abroad participant.

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