Welcome to the CIE's On-line Study Abroad Orientation.

This comprehensive pre-departure orientation is designed to arm you with the necessary information and cross-cultural training to ensure a successful and enjoyable study abroad experience. It is designed to help you become a safe and smart traveler, be well informed of academic expectations, develop useful cross-cultural skills and strategies to aid cultural adjustment, understand clearly what differences to expect when immersed in another culture, and understand the expectations program leaders, host institutions, and Georgia Perimeter College have of you.

There are 4 sections- Health and Safety, Legal Issues and Academics, Cultural Training, and Travel Basics. Take it easy and go slow. Each section will ask you to perform certain tasks, such as visiting a website to find out specific information. All study abroad participants must complete the on-line orientation prior to attending the group orientation.

  • Print out or bookmark any information you think you might like to take abroad,
  • Know how to find important web sites in case you need them while you are abroad,
  • Take your time reviewing orientation resources.

Step 1: Take me to the on-line orientation. (approx. 1 hour to complete)

Yes! There will be a quiz! Once you have completed the on-line orientation, please complete the quiz. You must attend a scheduled group orientation after completing the on-line orientation. Any information not covered in the on-line orientation can be discussed during the group sessions. Please come to your group session prepared with any questions you may have. Parents are welcome.

Step 2: Request login and password for the quiz (approx. 15 minutes to complete)