Georgia Perimeter College Business Procedures Manual

Reimbursement Procedures

Required Documentation of Travel Expenses

Employees requesting reimbursement for travel expenses are required to submit their claim to their approving official and the Budget Office on the employee travel expense statement. This statement shall be the standard form approved for use in units of the University System. Any deviations from this form are to be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs.

Requests for reimbursement should include the following information:

  1. Itemized expenses for authorized meals, lodging, mileage, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses;

  2. Explanation of any expenses that exceed the established limits and of any unusual expenses;

  3. Explanation of the purpose for the trip; and

  4. Description of the type(s) of transportation used.  

Employees are required to sign their Travel Expense Statement, attesting that the information presented on the form is accurate. Employees who provide false information are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination as well as criminal penalty of a felony for false statements, which is subject to punishment by fine of not more than $1,000 or by imprisonment for not less than one (1) or more than five (5) years.

Employees are also required to submit receipts for the following expenses, with an exception noted below:  

  • Meals purchased in lieu of those provided at conference/training

  • Lodging

  • Airline or railroad fares

  • Rental of motor vehicles

  • Gasoline purchased for rental vehicles

  • Supplies

  • Registration fees

  • Visa/passport fees  

Note: Employees are encouraged to use the Internet to make reservations for lodging and transportation. However, on-line services do not always provide traditional receipts. If a receipt is not provided, it is the employee’s responsibility to provide adequate documentation of payment. This could include a printed confirmation and a copy of the cancelled check or a copy of the credit card statement showing the charge.  

Receipts for parking, tollway, mass transit/taxi/airport vans, and communications expenses are recommended. However, if receipts are not available, employees are required to include an explanation of the expense on the travel expense statement. Receipts for meals are not required, except as noted above.

Institutional Responsibility

Responsibility for appropriate audit, approval, and reimbursement of Travel Expense Statements is vested with the Executive Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs or designated representative of the institution. Georgia Perimeter College Budget Office and Accounting Services personnel process completed and approved travel statements. Each Travel Expense Statement must be approved by the employee's approving official(s) before submission to the Budget Office.  

In cases where the prior approval denotes a pre-authorized amount, reimbursement will not exceed this authorization unless specifically approved by the department manager. Travel expense statements cannot be resubmitted at a later date or at year-end for additional reimbursement.  

The travel expense statement must be submitted to the GPC Budget Office within 60 days of the trip. Due to year-end closeout procedures, a specific date will be established during the last quarter of the fiscal year. Travel Expense Statements received after the designated date will not be subject to reimbursement in the current fiscal year. Travel Expense Statements received after the cutoff date will be charged to the subsequent fiscal year.   

Forms for travel reimbursement shall be the standard forms approved for use by the University System of Georgia. All travel forms: Prior Approval for Travel, Travel Expense Statement, Payment Request, and the Tax Exemption Certification are available on GPC Travel Information web site. No other forms will be accepted. 

Frequency of Reimbursement 

Complete and accurate claims for travel reimbursement will be processed weekly.