Georgia Perimeter College Business Procedures Manual

Miscellaneous Travel Expenses

Telephone/Telegraph/Fax Expenses

Employees may be reimbursed for expenses incurred for work-related telephone, telegraph, and fax messages. Employees must document these claims on the travel expense statement, and indicate the location from which each call was made, the person contacted, and the reason for the communication. Personal calls made while on travel status are not reimbursable.

Stationary/Supplies/Postage Expenses

Reimbursement for stationery, supplies, stenographic, or duplicating services may be reimbursed, provided the expense is directly associated with a work-related project and the cost is reasonable. In addition, work-related postage expenses may be reimbursed. Employees requesting reimbursement for these expenses must document actual expenses on the travel statement and explain the purpose for these expenses. Receipts/invoices should accompany the travel expense statement.

Internet Usage Fees

Employees may be reimbursed for work-related Internet usage charges. These charges should be identified separately on the itemized hotel bill, but should not be listed on the travel expense statement as “lodging.”

Visa/Passport Fees

When travel required by an employer necessitates the use of a passport and/or visa, and the employee does not currently possess such valid document(s), the related visa/passport fee is eligible for reimbursement when documented by a receipt.

Baggage Check Fees/Carry-On Fees

Employees may be reimbursed for expenses associated with checking bags or carrying on bags when such fees are required by the airline.  Employees should make every effort to check as few bags as possible and present the receipt (s) for the actual expenditure. 

Unallowable Expenses

The following expenses are not reimbursable unless specific legal authority has been established:

  • Laundry 
    (Note:  Laundry expenses are allowable when overnight travel exceeds seven (7) consecutive days.)

  • Tipping for hotel concierge or maid services

  • Valet services for parking, when self-parking options are available

  • Theater

  • Entertainment

  • Alcoholic Beverages

  • Visa/Passport fees except as previously noted

  • Bank charges for ATM withdrawals