Georgia Perimeter College Business Procedures Manual

Authorization for Travel

General Provisions

Employees may be reimbursed for reasonable travel-related expenses incurred while on official business for the State.  Subject to the provisions outlined in these travel regulations, the State Accounting Office and the Office of Planning and Budget have authorized travel reimbursement for the following expenses:

Meals associated with overnight lodging and in certain circumstances where there is no overnight lodging;

Lodging Expenses;

Mileage for use of personal vehicle or aircraft;

Transportation expenses, including parking and toll fees; and,

Certain miscellaneous expenses associate with travel.

      The specific policies regarding the reimbursement of travel expenses, as well as expense limits and required documentation are outlined in the following sections.

Exceptions to Travel Regulations

Situations may arise in the course of performing job duties that require employees to incur travel expenses that are generally not reimbursable. The State Accounting Office and the Office of Planning and Budget are authorized to grant one-time exceptions for unusual circumstances.

Employee Authorization for Travel

Each employee required to travel in the performance of official duties and entitled to reimbursement for expenses incurred shall have prior authorization from the approving official and the College Budget Office for the performance of travel.  Approval may be in the form of a standing authorization in the case of individuals required to travel locally on a regular or continuous basis, a specific authorization in the case of those individuals who are required to make occasional trips, or a specific authorization for each out-of-state trip.

A specific authorization is required for each trip with the exception of local travel. Local travel will be defined as day-to-day trips within the metropolitan Atlanta area that do not require registration fees and is approved on a fiscal year basis. A specific travel authorization for local travel will be necessary when registration fees are required.

Specific authorization shall be in such form as to indicate the itinerary, estimate of the cost of travel, mode of transportation, and the general purpose of travel. The design and provision of the form to properly document prior approval is the responsibility of the Budget Office. It is believed that these travel practices will protect the best interest of the employee and the college.

Prior approval attests to the necessity of the travel and ensures that arrangements are reasonable in nature and amount.