Georgia Perimeter College Business Procedures Manual

American Express Travel Services

As a service to employees on travel status, the College has entered into an agreement with American Express to provide airline tickets and other related travel services. The agreement with American Express is an excellent benefit for employees on travel status, as well as a valuable travel management aid to the College.  Services are provided through American Express online at: or via telephone at 1-888-762-8728. 

With American Express, an employee can make reservations with airlines and hotels. These expenses airline tickets may be charged to the College's account and billed to the departmental travel budget on a monthly basis.  

Benefits of American Express Online include: 

-24 hour booking convenience
-Online booking $7.00 versus telephone (agent assisted) booking $22.00
-Accessible anywhere-from your home, the office or on the road
-Comparison shop for best priced travel options quickly and easily
-Store and retrieve frequently-traveled itineraries for fast re-booking
-Access airline seat maps, city maps destination information and local weather
-Real-time access to flight times, delays and gate information
-24-hour support for navigational questions and en route assistance
-Greater control in making your travel reservations
-Save an average of 30 minutes in total travel booking processing time 

All prepaid and advance airline tickets should be purchased using the services provided by American Express. Employees should make reservations as early as possible to take advantage of advance purchase discounts. If an employee chooses not to use American Express for direct billing, reimbursement for travel will only be made after the trip via the Travel Expense Statement.  

Instructions to Make Travel Arrangements via American Express

Forward the completed and approved Prior Approval for Travel Authorization to the Budget Office.  The Budget Office will return a copy of the approved form with a 10-digit authorization number. This authorization number is required when making travel arrangements. The number is unique and can only be used for one itinerary.

Navigate to the American Express Travel Services website ( and click “Book Now.”  Enter user ID and password, or if this is the first visit, create an account.  Once you are logged in, begin searching for travel.  After making the appropriate travel selections, finalize your arrangement by entering the 10-digit authorization number when prompted.

Although it is less cost effective, travelers may elect to make travel arrangements via telephone.  Call the American Express Business Travel Center at 1-888-762-8728.  Inform the travel agent the traveler is an employee of Georgia Perimeter College and provide the authorization number and travel needs. If the traveler is attending a workshop or conference, please inform American Express of any reduced hotel and/or airline rates. Confirmation will be delivered via electronic mail. 

Upon returning from the trip, the traveler should submit the canceled e-ticket receipt or itinerary receipt along with the completed Travel Expense Statement. The receipt must show the cost of the airfare and the method of payment.  The airfare expense should be listed on the back of the travel statement under Common Carrier, Taxi/Limo. This information is to be brought forward and entered in the blank so designated. However, since this item was prepaid, the cost must also be reversed out and not included in the total for reimbursement on the reimbursement form.