Georgia Perimeter College Business Procedures Manual

Corporate Charge Cards and Travel Advances

OCGA 45-7-25 and 45-7-26 authorize the payment of travel advances to employees of all state agencies, commissions, and authorities. State law also charges the Director of the Office of Planning and Budget with the responsibility for developing the necessary rules, regulations, and procedures to govern travel advances and to provide for proper and timely accounting of state funds advanced to employees once the employees have returned from travel status. The Office of Planning and Budget issued the OPB Policy Memorandum No. 1 (Revision 2) in 1989 to address travel advances. The information provided in this section summarizes this policy statement.  

In general, each institution is authorized to set specific policies and procedures regarding travel advances, provided the policies and procedures do not conflict with any regulations.  

Georgia Perimeter College does not offer its employees corporate charge cards or cash travel advances.  Travel expenses are paid on a reimbursement basis only.