2012 8th Biennial Georgia Perimeter Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit        click here  PDF  to download

prospectus for a juried outdoor sculpture exhibit on the central campus of Georgia Perimeter College


show dates:

March 12 — May 4, 2012


Monday, March 12  5-7PM




ongoing submission proposals reviewed for exhibit

February 29

final deadline for submission of entry form and photographic images

March 3-11

installation of the work on the campus

March 12

opening reception, Fine Arts Gallery lobby & courtyard, Building F

May 4

last day of exhibit

May 5-10

de-installation and removal of works, restoration of site


submission guidelines and parameters of the show: 

1.  no entry fee, no commissions — entries can be submitted by mail or e-mail to the address listed below.  Slides or digital image files on a CD or emailed are all acceptable if sent with a completely filled-out, signed/dated entry form.  Please provide SASE for return of slides/CD.

2.  entered work will be juried/curated from both photographic images and live viewings, with the jurying/curating process and acceptances occurring during the first two months of 2012

3.  due to space considerations, accepted submissions will be limited to one sculpture or installation per artist with no more than twenty sculptors accepted in total.

4.  work must be able to be installed on the grounds of the campus in specified existing sites with minimal impact upon the existing landscape (SEE MAP - http://depts.gpc.edu/~gpcarts/Map_OutdoorSculpture_Sites.htm), and the site must be restored by the artist to it’s original state at the close of the exhibit.  Note: the available sites are all on pavement, stone plinths, or in pine-straw/mulched/planted areas — none are to be installed on the lawns.

5.  work must be installed in the week prior to the opening (March 3-11) and removed in the seven days following the closing of the exhibit (May 5-11).  Accepted artists are responsible for their own installation and take-down of the works.

6.  work must remain for the duration of the exhibit period

7.  work shall be non-hazardous for viewers and able to withstand the effects of exposure to the weather for the eight week duration of the exhibit

8.  sculptor’s choice of installation in specific available sites will be on a first-come, first serve basis in discussion with Gallery Director Don Dougan and GPC Groundskeeping personnel.

10. the work will be installed at the sculptor’s risk — as the work will be installed in public space there will be no insurance coverage, though it should be noted that campus security does make regular patrols day and night.



Don Dougan


     email or call Don


Fine Arts Department




Georgia Perimeter College


678.891.3582  office


555 N. Indian Creek Drive


404.906.8990  cell


Clarkston, GA  30021








entry form

2012 8th Biennial Georgia Perimeter Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit


please print or type information

artist name:


street address:


city, state zip:









sculpture materials:


dimensions of sculpture (installed)



Note that most sites are on concrete/brick pavement and planted areas.  Minor alteration of the grounds will be allowed providing the sculptor returns the grounds back to their original state upon removal of the sculpture after the exhibition closes.

Using the map, choose a numbered/marked location site where you would like to install your work — the site numbers on the maps are approximate and indicate the general area for installation.  You are encouraged to visit the campus and evaluate the available sites in person before choosing.  If you would like to make an appointment to meet with curator Don Dougan when you visit please contact him via email (ddougan@gpc.edu) or phone (678.891.3582 – 404.906.8990) and make an appointment for a appropriate time. 

Site assignments will be determined on a first-entered/first-accepted basis, so please be ready with alternate choices.  Upon receipt of your application/acceptance Don will contact you by email or phone to let you know the status/availability of your first choice or whether has been previously assigned.  In the event the site has already been assigned, your next available choice will be provided.


Mark the numbers of your site choices corresponding to the map in the appropriate boxes below:











1st choice


2nd choice


3rd choice


4th choice


5th choice




Hold Harmless Agreement:

I agree to hold Georgia Perimeter College, its’ staff and employees harmless for any damage, theft or loss of artwork of any kind.  I understand the risk of submitting/sending artwork, and accept it.


I verify that I have read and agree to the submission guidelines as detailed by Georgia Perimeter College





artist’s name – printed                                                      artist’s name – signed & dated