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    Computer Lab Group Project Procedures for Students

    • Students working on group projects using the Open Computer Labs are limited to groups of 2 to 3 students only.
    • Students must inform the lab assistant when entering the lab that they are a group working on a group project, they must tell the lab assistant which class/instructor this project is for.
    • Instructors assigning group projects to use the open computer lab must notify the Lab Supervisors with the class section, assigment name, program the students will be using and the dates that apply.
    • Clarkston: Scott Smith, E-mail:, phone: 678-891-3206
    • Decatur: Maggie Crozier, E-mail:, phone: 678-891-2466
    • Dunwoody: Kurdeen Karim, E-mail:, Phone: 770-274-5223
    • Newton: Peggy Strevel, E-mail:, phone: 770-278-1297
    • Only if notification of the group project is received will the group be perm itted to use the lab. If students come into the lab, state they are doing a group project but the lab has no record of the project, the students will be referred to their instructor.

    Seating of Group Projects

    • Clarkston Open Lab CL-2350
      Groups will be permitted to use one of the 5 GroupSpots, 2 within the lab, 3 located in the rear of the Library.

    • Clarkston Open Computer Lab CC-1180
      Groups will be permitted to use only the PCs located on the first row of the open lab C1180.

    • Dunwoody Open Computer Lab NE-0160
      Groups will be permitted to use only the quad of six and the row of 4 PCs near the front of the lab.

    • Decatur Open Lab SF-2200
      Groups will be permitted to use the first seven PCs along the windowed wall,next to the supervisor's office.

    • Newton Open Lab 1N-2200
      If the GroupSpot is in use, Group projects will be accommodated on the row of three PCs along the back wall.

    If all group-project-PCs are being used, the group will have to go on a wait ing list and wait until a designated PC becomes available. PCs are still assigned on a first come first serve basis with the two hour usage rule.