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    Computer Classroom Use

    • Instructors may schedule a computer classroom for use outside of regularly scheduled classes by contacting one of the following:
    • Clarkston Campus: Chatanya Thomas, Scott Smith or Maggie Crozier
      • Phone: 678-891-3900 (Chatanya)
      • Phone: 678-891-3206 (Scott)
      • Phone: 678-891-3110 (Maggie)
      • E-mail:
      • E-mail:
      • E-mail:
    • Decatur Campus: Cindy Eenhuis
      • Phone: 770-278-1321 (Cindy)
      • E-mail:
      • Newton Campus: Cindy Eenhuis or Peggy Strevel
        • Phone: 770-278-1321 (Cindy)
        • Phone: 770-278-1297 (Peggy)
        • E-mail:
        • E-mail:
      • Dunwoody Campus: Kathy Powell
        • Phone: 770-274-5005
        • E-mail:
        • Computer classrooms are locked when class is not in session.
        • Instructors must remain in the classroom with their students. If no instructor is present, students will be redirected to the Open Computer Labs and the classroom will be locked.
        • This procedure is for the protection of the computer equipment, printers, and software.

        Reporting Problems

        • Problems with equipment in the classrooms should be reported to the help desk at 678-891-3460 or E-mail at
        • You may also contact the Computer Lab Assistant located in the Open Computer Lab on your campus for assistance.

        Open Computer Lab Locations

        • Clarkston
          • Open Lab CC-1180 phone: 678-891-3208
          • Open Lab CL-2350 Phone: 678-891-3207
        • Decatur
          • Open Lab SF-2200 phone: 678-891-2464
        • Dunwoody
          • Open Lab NE-0160 phone: 770-274-5220
        • Newton
          • Open Lab 1N2200 phone: 770-278-1365