Quality Enhancement Plan - Engagement Drives GPC Education

The following documents should be used for all service learning activities at Georgia Perimeter College:

Service Learning Enrollment

The Service Learning Enrollment form serves as an agreement among the student, the faculty member, and the community-based organization. The document outlines the reponsibilities of each party and provides the framework for the service learning experience including the required number of hours to be served, personal learning objectives, and course learning objectives.  Because this document acts as both a photo release and as a liability waiver, a copy of the completed and signed enrollment form should be kept by the student, the faculty member, the community-based orgnization, and the Atlanta Center for Civic Engagement & Service Learning.

Service Learning Time Sheet

The Service Learning Time Sheet is the official document that records actual hours served at a community-based ogranization. The time sheet should be completed each time a student provides service at a community-based organization. A copy of the final timesheet should be submitted to the Atlanta Center for Civic Engagement & Service Learning at the end of the academic term.

Service Learning Student Guide

The Service Learning Student Guide provides practical information to students who are participating in a service learning activity. Students should read the Service Learning Student Guide in its entirety prior to participating in any service learning activity. Topics include the following: topics to ask community partners, approaching the volunteer coordinator,  your responsibilities as a service learner, GPC service learning office contact information, and trouble shooting.


GPC Field Trip Policy

GPC Field Trip Form

If you are taking your entire class to a service site, the activity may be considered a field trip. Please take time to review GPC's Field Trip Policy and complete the GPC Field Trip Form if necessary.