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Why Study Social Work: You will develop the knowledge, values, and skills essential to making a difference in people’s lives. Work with individuals through Service Learning opportunities with local agencies and begin to apply what you are learning in the classroom. GPC’s Associate of Science in Social Work program starts you on the path to a professional career of helping others. Explore further educational opportunities with our 2 + 2 program and several other Transfer Agreement Guarantee (TAG) partners.

The Social Work program at Georgia Perimeter College provides the basic freshman and sophomore coursework required by most four-year institutions. A number of our faculty have been honored individually with national awards for excellence in teaching and scholarly activities. For more information about the required courses in Anthropology at GPC, view the Social Work Advisement Form or our online catalog.

SOCW 2000 - Introduction to Social Work (3) Prerequisites: Exit or exemption from LS Reading or all ESL requirements except ENSL 0091 This course is designed to provide an introduction to Social Work as a profession committed to planned social change and social justice. This course will provide a survey of the profession of social work from an historical and contemporary perspective and will examine the values, knowledge, and skills that characterize all social work practice with emphasis on the roles and functions of social work generalists. Emphasis is on major themes in the development of social work practice and social work education; critical examination of the roles and functions of undergraduate social workers; and the explication of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics for professional generalist practice.