Why Study Education: If you are excited by the idea of working with children and teenagers and introducing them to ideas they will carry for a lifetime, maybe education is the Program of Study for you. Whether it's Early Childhood, Middle Grades, Secondary Education or Special Education, there is something for you to pursue at GPC. For more information about the required courses in Education at GPC, view the Education Advisement Form or our online catalog.

EDUC 2110 - Investigating Issues in Education (3) Prerequisites: Exit or exemption from Learning Support Reading or all ESL requirements except ENSL 0091 This course engages students in observations, interactions, and analyses of critical and contemporary educational issues. Students will investigate issues influencing the social and political contexts of educational settings in Georgia and the United States. Students will actively examine the teaching profession from multiple vantage points both within and outside the school. Against this backdrop, students will reflect on and interpret the meaning of education and schooling in a diverse culture and examine the moral and ethical responsibilities of teaching in a democracy.

EDUC 2120 - Exploring Socio-Cultural Perspectives (3) Prerequisites: EDUC 2110 with a “C” or better Given the rapidly changing demographics in our state and country, this course is designed to equip future teachers with the fundamental knowledge of understanding culture and teaching children from diverse backgrounds. Specifically, this course is designed to examine 1) the nature and function of culture; 2) the development of individual and group cultural identity; 3) definitions and implications of diversity; and 4) the influences of culture on learning, development, and pedagogy.

EDUC 2130 - Exploring Teaching and Learning (3) Prerequisites: EDUC 2110 with a “C” or better This course explores key aspects of teaching and learning through an examination of students' learning processes and those of others. Students will apply self knowledge gained through course work to the learning of all students in a variety of educational settings and contexts. In addition, students will engage in a field project assignment incorporating course content with observation/interviews of learners/teachers/ administrators in schools today.