PHYS 1112L


Introduction:  Electrical Measurements, Multimeter, Oscilloscope, Resistor codes

                NOTE:  The Introduction is required reading.

Lab 1:    Electrical Measurements

Lab 2:    The Electric Field

(Lab 3:    The Coulomb Force - Alternate Lab 3)

Lab 3:    Ohm's Law

Lab 4:    DC Circuits

Lab 5:   Electrical Equivalent of Heat

Lab 6:    The Force Between Currents

Lab 7:    RLC Circuits

Lab 8:    Geometric Optics

Lab 9:    Lenses and Mirrors

Lab 10:    Interference & Diffraction

Lab 11:    The Grating Spectrometer

Lab 12:    The Speed of Light



            Caliper & Micrometer

            Resistor Codes

            Atomic Spectra