Language Lab Coordinator

Bob Campbell is the new Language Lab Coordinator beginning Spring semester, 2006.  Bob taught part-time in the ESL department last semester, and will continue to teach two ESL classes this semester.  His office is in room D-1140, which is inside the language lab.  If you need help with the technology in the lab or any ESL questions, stop by his office, call him (770-274-5186) or send him an email (  He also speaks a little Spanish, so he may be able to help you with your beginning Spanish class. 

Language Lab Assistants

Feel free to ask the Assistants to help you with the programs, your computer, or a language.

Limamoulaye Diallo was born in Senegal, where he lived until the age of 11. He then moved to Madagascar  for 7  years and still spent many holidays and summers in Senegal. After graduation  from high school, Limamou, as he likes to be called, came to the United States to study.   He is majoring in engineering. Limamou speaks French, Malagasy, Wolof, and English. His favorite subject is math, and on weekends, he enjoys playing basketball. Come to the Lab to meet Limamou and feel free to ask him for assistance!