General GPC lab policies can be read by clicking here.

Most GPC lab policies are quite similar--- like no eating/drinking in labs, no cell phone use in labs, but there are other important policies that are specific to the Language Lab. Please read signs posted in this Language Lab and adhere to these policies.   Ask a Lab Assistant if you are not clear on our policies. 


SIGN IN AND OUT  for each visit to our Lab.


DO NOT make more than 10 copies at any one visit.


PLEASE close the pages that you open on the screen.


PLEASE push in your chair and leave the Lab in good condition.


PLEASE make sure you have picked up all your belongings .

Should you leave something in the Lab, check in the first 24 hrs. with the Assistants or Bob Campbell and then after that, check with the Security Officers in the small bldg. near the GPC/ Dunwoody entrance.