1. You must attend the first lab session, receive safety training and pass the safety quiz before beginning to work in the chemistry labs.
  2. You must wear safety goggles when performing lab experiments.
  3. You must wear completely closed in shoes while in the lab (think athletic shoes, sneakers and loafers).
  4. Failure to adhere to 2 and 3 will be grounds for the instructor to dismiss the student from the laboratory, however the student may return to lab that day if they obtain the mandatory footwear and goggles.
  5. Students must report breakages to the instructor.
  6. The breakage of a mercury thermometer must be cleaned up by qualified lab personnel.
  7. Excess experimental solutions should be poured into the waste containers under the hood. NOT down the drains.
  8. Students shall keep their work areas clean and orderly. Book-bags, books and coats should be placed away from the bench area.
  9. No eating or drinking in the lab.
  10. Under NO circumstances may students sit on the lab benches. Expect to stand during the entire lab period (about 3 hours) unless you have a medical condition that requires that you be seated. In this case, a chair will be provided for you.
  11. Students who are pregnant, have hypersensitivities to certain chemicals or other medical conditions, should discuss their situation privately with their instructor or the Chemistry Laboratory Supervisor.
  12. Material Safety Data sheets, which describe hazards associated with chemicals used in our labs are available for students and their physicians to review. A partial listing of chemicals used may be found here. Students in CHEM 1151L and CHEM 1152L will find complete information in the appendix of their lab text book.
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