Decatur Campus Symposium

40 Years of Music: Folk Rock to Hip-Hop

March 21-25, 2005


Symposium will include panels, contests, exhibitions, performances, and a keynote event for all college campuses to participate. 


-Panels to be held Wednesday, March 23 and 24

Business of Music (March 23, 2005 11AM, SB1190)- panelists include LaVetta Willis (marketer), Daniel Jackson (producer), DD Murray (producer), and Phaedra Parks (entertainment lawyer)

Social Issues and History of Music (March 24, 2005 11AM, SB1190)- This panel will serve as our keynote event with guests Phil Kloer (AJC writer), Joseph Johnson (curator Georgia Music Hall of Fame), Terrie Randolph (SCLC activist), and Terrance McKnight (producer/host Georgia Public Radio)


-Contests leading up to and during the week of March 21-25

Essay Contest- entries due by March 7, winners announced March 18, recitations on March 23, awards given on March 24

Trivia Contest- two music trivia contests on March 21 noon and 1pm in Student Center

Fashion Contest- Music fashion of the last forty years.  Contest to be held March 22 at noon in Student Center.  To be accompanied by “Prom Picture” display of Decatur Campus faculty and staff reflecting change in fashion over the years.


-Exhibitions of art and artifacts in Soapstone Room

Symposium Committee Artifacts (Throughout the week, SC2140)- Music-related artifacts from Symposium members’ experience with a brief written story about its significance. 

Private Collection (March 24 afternoon, SC2140)- Posters and artwork from the last forty years from a private collection will be on display during posted hours.


-Performances by live musicians

Black Blonde (March 22 6pm, SC2100)- evening performance in Student Center by  jazz-rock fusion combo

Ojeda Penn (March 23 6pm, SC2100)- evening performance in Student Center by jazz musician


-Moderated Film presentations

Extreme Close-up “Making Beats” (March 21 11am, SC2140)- locally produced by Turner Broadcasting.  Producers of the film will discuss the work.

Listen Up: The Lives of Quincy Jones (March 25 11am, SC2140)- Documentary of the award-winning genre-crossing composer.