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General United States Statistics

Library Resources:
County and City Databook – Reference HA202 .A36
Georgia County Guide – Reference F284.3 .B3
Places Rated Almanac – Reference HN60 .B69
Statistical Abstract of the United States – Reference HA202

Internet Resources:
FedStats (
Statistical Abstract of the United States (
US Bureau of the Census (

General International Statistics

Library Resources:
Europa World Year Book – Reference JN1 .E85
Statesman’s Yearbook – Reference JA51 .S7
World Factbook – Reference G123 .W6

Internet Resources:
Country Studies (
Geohive Global Statistics (
United Nations Population Information Network (
World Data Analyst* - includes current and historical statistics on 217 countries of the world
World Factbook (

*  Part of the Database Offerings in , Georgia's Virtual Library. Disable popup blockers for direct access.

Crime Statistics

Library Resources:
Crime in the United States - Reference HV6787 .A3
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics – Reference HV7245 .N37b
Internet Resources:
Bureau of Justice Statistics (
National Criminal Justice Reference Service  (
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics (
Uniform Crime Reports  (

Education Statistics

Library Resources:
Condition of Education – Reference L112 .N377a
Digest of Education Statistics – Reference L11 .D48

Internet Resources:
Digest of Education Statistics (
National Center for Education Statistics  (

Health Statistics

Library Resources:
Health, United States – Reference RA407.3 .U57a

Internet Resources:
Health, United States (
National Center for Health Statistics (

Maps / Atlases

Library Resources:
Goode’s World Atlas – Reference G1021 .G6
 * See Folio Reference and Map Stand for additional maps and atlases

Internet Resources:
Google Maps (
MapQuest (
Maps On Us (