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Developing 21st Century Literate Students
How can we as educators assist in the creation of 21st Century Literate Citizens?

"The goal is to take the natural interests of each student and use that as a vehicle for teaching what we want students to learn.  The best sign of a  successful education system would be that students want to go to school,  they remain excited about learning once they get there, and that in the end, they are prepared to creatively respond to the kind of open ended problems they will actually face them in the world."-E.D. Hirsch

Below are a collection of resources submitted by our illustrious faculty, demonstrating how WE all can contribute to the development of 21st Century-Literate Students and Citizens.

(in PowerPoint format)

   Global issues in Macroeconomics

   Globally and Culturally Literate Spanish Students

   Math Global Preparation

   Political Literacy

   Preparing culturally, and globally, literate citizens

   Surviving Sanity

   Thinking Like Einstein

   What in the World

   Cultural Literacy

   Global education

Questions or suggestions?  Contact the CTL Director at or (678) 891-2425.

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