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FirSTep Program
The Center for Teaching and Learning,  in conjunction with the Training Department of Educational Technologies,  produces a class called First Step: Adapting your Class to a Distance Learning Format.  It will be offered on every campus throughout the coming year multiple times.  It's a one-stop shop for faculty  presented in a three-hour package containing all the required courses. 

First Step recognizes that when faculty enter a distance learning format, they need five basic skills: planning, communication, evaluation, management and technical . As a result , this course package explores teaching issues, course management , legal issues such as copyright and disability access, as well as the use of WebCT Vista for both full-time and part-time faculty.
As of Fall 2006, the FirsSTep Program has been put on hiatus.  In leui of this offering the training department now offers online "how to" training for converting your class to a Distance Learning format.  Please check their website for details.
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