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iPod Projects

Here is a listing of the iPod Projects that resulted from the first iPod Pilot Project, sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning at Georgia Perimeter College for AY '06-'07.  Click on the links below to subscribe to the podcast.  You do NOT need an iPod to access these podcasts.  You can view them through iTunes on any computer (click HERE for the FREE download of iTunes if you don't have it on your computer.)


Systems of equations by Jean Millen
Linear equations in 2 variables
by Jean Millen
Absolute value equations & inequalities
by Jean Millen
Radicals & radical equations
by Jean Millen
Quadratic equations in one variable
by Jean Millen
TI-84 calculator
by Jean Millen
Interval notation
by Jean Millen
Complex numbers
by Jean Millen
Linear Equations in one variable
by Jean Millen
Exponents (review from Algebra I)
by Jean Millen
Hodgepodge of topics!
by Jean Millen

Principles of Biology II Lectures by Jonathan Lochamy
Georgia Aquarium tour by Jonathan Lochamy















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