Clarkston Campus Business and Social Science Department


The GPC Clarkston Business and Social Sciences Department offers a curriculum specializing in liberal arts and professional preparation. The Department offers a specialized sequence of courses and encourages excellent teaching in a technologically advanced environment, meeting a variety of learning styles for students.


The Department offers professional preparation in courses of study relating to Accounting, Business Administration, and Economics. At the same time, the Department is committed to the liberal arts with a broad range of the Social Sciences: Anthropology, Education, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. Bridging the two areas of professional preparation and liberal arts is our year-old program in Criminal Justice, developed by our academic Department in a collaborative relationship with the DeKalb County Police Department, which was formally announced in Fall 2003.



Department Chair:

Mr. George Vargis



Assistant Department Chair:

Mr. Marc Zayac



Department Sr. Administrative Secretary:





Department Number:     678-891-3360

Department Fax:            678-891-3084 or 678-891-3817

Department Location:    B-Building - Room 2200





Last Updated:  September 10, 2012