College Court

As the judicial branch of the Student Government Association and advised by the Dean of Student Services, the College Court serves as an essential element of student governance.  As outlined in the SGA constitution, the Court:

•  Provides educational programs and interventions directed at encouraging responsible, community-minded behavior.
•  Enforces reasonable and clear limits designed to protect the community and the rights of its members.
•  Supports a positive learning environment.
•  Educates students regarding responsibility and accountability for their actions.
•  Encourages and fosters self-insight and self-initiated change of behavior.
•  Protects the rights of individuals accused of violating college rules and regulations.
•  Provides a fair, supportive, and timely hearing process to address instances of alleged violations of College rules and policies. 

The GPC College Court is comprised of one student Chief Justice, two Student Justices, and two Faculty Justices. When a student is charged with an alleged violation of the Georgia Perimeter College Student Code of Conduct, she or he may select to have their case heard by the College Court.  When the court is selected as as students' hearing route, the Court will review all of the information presented and will  respond fairly and effectively to alleged violations of the Code.  The court may not hear cases of alleged violations of academic dishonesty and sexual misconduct.  The court strives to protect the GPC community while assisting with students' personal growth.