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Evaluating Web Sites

Evaluating Web Sites

Enjoy a pot pourri of reasonably up-to-date, handouts, tutorials, and Research Guides that help you make the most of the web.

Examining Web Pages
weighing a web site on the scales of good judgementAsk and answer crucial questions that help you read between the lines of most web sites.
Web Site Questions and Answers
Asking a web site questions Helps you reflect on the various types of information that the World Wide Web embraces. Newly revised to cover social media, blogs, and wikis.
Web Savvy
An illustration from Web Savvy
Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of surfing for quality web pages, and why everything is not on the web. Also explains what the web can do for you. This is an older tutorial but it is still timely and reasonably up-to date.
Great Web Sites
Red News Stand
Find reliable search engines, news, statistical sites, and sites for public domain and illustrations, and top quality videos. The right web sites can make your papers and projects shine!
Making the Most of Web 2.0
Making the Most of Web 2.0
Blogs can put you in touch with the best and the brightest. You can gather news on Facebook. You can follow your favorite issues and interests with an RSS feed. Learn to put Web 2.0 to work for you.