GPC Libraries -- Clarkston Library (JCLRC) -- Step by Step Searching with GIl-Find

Step by Step Basic Searching with GIL-Find@GPC

GIL-Find@GPC is the library's new, improved catalog. GIL-Find has features that let you find what you want easily and several ways to refine a search to keep it on target.

1) On any library web page, click the GIL-Find@GPC link, or type in:

2) Type in one to three words that describe your topic and click the lime green Find button.

3) GIL-Find@GPC presents results in groups of 20.

4) Use the scroll bar to move among the results.

GIL-Find results

5) You can move among the pages of results by clicking the numbers on the top and bottom of the result window.

GIL-Find facets presented one on top of the other 6) If you have a large number of results, you can make them more precise by clicking on the facets in the screen's left column.

Choosing a location restricts books to only that campus or to only online titles. Choosing a subject heading narrows your results as well.

7) To see the full entry for a book, click on its blue title.

8) To find the book on the shelf, scroll down the screen to see its campus location and call number.

9) To see more books on the same subject, click on one of the subject headings, which are in blue. If you want the broad heading, click on the heading's leftmost words. If you want something more specific, click on the words to the right.

An entry for a book in GIL-Find
A closer look at subject headings

10) The red star that says 'Add to Favorites' To keep track of this book for later searches, click the red star that says Add to favorites. Note: you need a GIL PIN to use this feature.

11) To return to the list of results click the Back to Search Results text link in the upper left corner of the book window. To see the next or previous book, click the Next Record or Previous Record text links in the upper right corner of the window.

12 To print off the book's records, click the Print this icon. To email it, click the Email icon, and to send it as a text message to your mobile device, click Text this.

Options for printing and saving in Gil-Find

13) To start a new search, scroll to the top of the screen, and click the bright blue New Search link on the pale gray bar.

14) To end a session with GIL-Find, click the Home icon. Exit the browser or close the tab in which you are working.