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Step by Step with Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center

Step by Step with Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center is a good source for book excerpts, newspaper and magazine articles, webpages, and radio transcripts on controversial and newsworthy topics. It lets you search it in a variety of ways. This handout goes over several search methods.

  1. Before you touch the keyboard, think carefully about your topic. Most topics for college level papers have two main ideas in them. If your topic does not have two ideas, then you may want to narrow it down. A good example of a paper topic is the health effects of using a cell phone.

  2. The main ideas in this topic are cell phones and health. You will need to keep both these ideas in mind as you search. Also one of these ideas is far more specific and smaller than the other. In this case, cell phones is the more specific idea.

  3. To search Opposing Viewpoints via GALILEO, click the Databases A to Z tab just below the search box. Then select O in the alphabet list. Scroll down to Opposing Viewpoints and select it.
    Picking Databases A-Z improved databases A-Z
    These images are thmbnails. Click for a better view

    There are several ways to search Opposing Viewpoints. Issues: Even if you donít have a topic, you can search Opposing Viewpoints by clicking the issues tab and selecting from two column lists inside broad categories or clicking View All under a group of issues presented in clusters on the home page.

    The Search Box is in the upper right corner of the page. Type in the two ideas that make up your topic with an AND in between them. The AND is not a word but a logical operator. This is what Opposing Viewpoints sees when you type in cell phones AND health. Your results are the overlap between the two circles. Including the AND is very important. Without it, searches retrieve far fewer results.

    cell phones AND health

  4. Opposing Viewpoints offers results sorted by type with facets on the left side of the screen.

Type of Results (All are full text)
Viewpoints Articles from Opposing Viewpoints reference books
Magazines Magazine articles
Academic Journals Articles from academic journals.
Magazines Newspaper articles
Websites Quality websites selected by the staff of Opposing Viewpoints
Audio and Video Transcripts of radio and television programs
Facets for Opposing Viewpoints

The Opposing Viewpoints Result Screen

5.  Opposing Viewpoints presents results grouped by facet, in quilt squares half way down the page with facets names on the top and an option to View All or as a single page with facets on the left (not shown).

6.  On pages with the single vertical display, you can move among the results with the scroll bar and move between choosing a page number from a set of squares near the top of the window.

7.  To see an article, click on its blue title. To print an article, click on the print icon in the upper right corner of the window. To email or save an article, click on the email or save icon on the right side of the window.

8. To edit your existing search in Opposing Viewpoints or start another one, simply fill in the Search Box at the top right corner of the window and click Search.