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Starting Page Numbering after a Cover Sheet in Word

Starting Page Numbering after a Cover Sheet in Word

Word 2010 allows you to begin page numbering after a graphic cover sheet, a cover sheet plus abstract, or just a traditional cover sheet. It also lets you make the cover sheet and document a single item and put the cover sheet and/or abstract at the beginning. Getting separate headers/page numbers for the cover page and main document is tricky, but the effort is worth the work.

  1. First create a cover sheet and at least the beginning of your paper. You just need text (and possibly an abstract), and a cover sheet.

  2. Between your cover sheet and the rest of your paper place a Section Break. To create a Section Break, choose Section Breaks under the Page Layout section of the Ribbon.

    Creating a Section Break

  3. Word 2010 presents a menu of assorted breaks. Choose Next Page under Section Breaks.

    Choosing the right kind of Section Break

    Choose Header under Insert in the Ribbon, and then create one of your headers, using Edit Header to modify it. You will use Edit Header again to make a different header out of this first one.

    Making a Header

  4. Next, create your second header. Look at the header that you wish to modify You should notice this unwanted flag on the bottom.

    Whoops, you only have one  header and you wanted two of them.

  5. This means you can't separately modify either header. Since you want two different headers even if one is blank, you need to remove the Same as Previous.

  6. To remove the Same as Previous and create two separate headers, click Header under Insert and then choose Edit Header. A green Design tab appears at the far right of the Ribbon and lights up.

  7. Under Navigation, beneath the green Design tab, click on the Link to Previous icon to create separate headers.

    Unlink one Header to make Two!

  8. Then edit your second header in any way you wish. You can also make your first header entirely blank.