Clarkston Library (JCLRC) -- Facts about the JCLRC

Facts About the Jim Cherry Learning Resources Center

Floorplan of the Jim Cherry Learning Resources

  • Year of Construction: 1993

  • Depth of Excavation: 12 feet.

  • Total Space: 107,000 square feet.

  • Construction Costs: Approxiatmately $77 per square foot.

  • Exterior Materials: brick, precast, green tinted glass, and aluminum panels.

  • Interior Statistics: More than 10 miles of data cable, 57 miles of wiring, over 3,000 light fixtures.

  • Number of Floors: Four plus a "fifth floor" mechanical penthouse, which resembles a giant book lying on its side.
  • Parallelogram footprint in a different axis with the campus as chosen to emphasize he importance of the Learning Resources Center, and to permit saving a maximum number of grand oak trees.

  • Portholes on the ground floor acknowledge intrinsic ship-like form. The railings around the second and third floor terraces and the roll of the grade enhance the effect.

  • Four-story rotunda, constructed with 10,276 glass blocks, centered over existing walkway accentuates the fact that the building was designed to be the "living room of the campus."

  • Eighty-five foot tilted column resembles a "giant pencil" appearing to rest against the side of a opening in the roof, but the pencil both supports and is supported by the roof.

  • Interior wood sunscreens placed on the south elevation for energy conservation add visual interest and variation to the façade. From outside the screens give the appearance of stacked books.