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Quick Searching with GIL Classic@GPC

GIL Classic@GPC is the online library catalog. Like any catalog, it provides information about items that the library owns such as: books, electronic books, videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs, and musical scores. For many topics, Quick Search provides a fast and effective way to find information.

  1. Click on the GIL Classic@GPC link in the left column of most of the JCLRC library web pages. Type your search terms in the box.

    Set up for Exact Search

  2. Use the drop down menu to select your search. Find all words is a fairly narrow search that works for most topics. It means that all of your search terms will appear in any order in your results. For example, the search, baseball Yankees, retrieves results that cover both baseball and the Yankees.

    Find any word broadens your search, while Search for a phrase narrows a search.

  3. To launch your search, click on the GO button or hit Enter.

  4. GIL Classic@GPC usualy presents you with titles listed in groups of ten (10) and ranked by a rough measure of relevance.

    Yankee search results in GIL

  5. Look carefully at the locations written in italics under the blue title links. Items with the locations, Click Title or Clarkston, are usually in the library.

  6. To find an item's location, click on its blue title and then scroll down to its call number and availability information.

  7. To return to GIL Classic@GPC Quick Search, use your browser's back button or click Exit in the top left coner of the screen. You can also scroll to the bottom of the web page and click on the Quick Search link.

  8. If you do not get results that you like, please try again or ask a librarian for help.