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Step by Step with CQ Electronic Library

Step by Step with CQ Electronic Library

CQ Electronic Library offers in-depth reports on current affair and recurring controversial issues. The reports include a list of additional reading and links to selected, high quality internet sites. This handout takes you step-by-step through using CQ Electronic Library and CQ Global Researcher.

Accessing CQ Electronic Library

1) To search CQ Electronic Library via GALILEO, click the Databases A to Z tab just below the search box. Then select C in the alphabet list. CQ Electronic Library is near the bottom of the list.

Picking Databases A-Z improved databases A-Z
These images are thmbnails. Click for a better view

2) Click C or scroll down until you reach CQ Electronic Library. CQ Electronic Library. Click the CQ Electronic Library link.

3) To reach the most active part of CQ Electronic Library if CQ Electronic Library gives you a choice, click on CQ Researcher Online.

Click CQ Researcher Online.

4) To help find a topic, or if your topic is extremely popular, browsing Recent Issues is an excellent strategy. Recent Issues are in a ribbon at the bottom of the page. Recent Issues

5) Another approach to finding reports is to Browse by Topic.

Browse by Topic

6) CQ Researcher Online's search engine is located in the medium blue bar at the top of the screen.

There is also Advanced Search.

CQ Researcher Online's Search Bar

Getting the Most from CQ Researcher Online's Search Engine

1) The most important part of any search begins before your fingers touch the keyboard. Look at your topic and pick out its two most important concepts. For example, if you are doing the water supply in the Middle East, your search will probably look like water AND Middle East. The AND is not a word. It is a mathematical operator that stands for the overlap of two ideas much like the circles in the diagram below. Here is how CQ Rsearcher Online sees your search.

Boolean search diagram for water AND Middle East

Key in your search and click the white Go. Note: if you do not see your topic in CQ Researcher Online, either rephrase your search or try another database. CQ Researcher Online covers only the most popular topics. LexisNexis and Ebsco Academic Search Complete handle a greater range of and more specialized subjects.

2) There are similar links to similar reports in the Issue Tracker box in the top right corner of each report. the Issue Tracker

3) Reports end with a Bibliography and a section called Next Step which includes carefully selected web pages, as well as references to articles and books.

4) To print your report, choose Full Report in the scroll box that contains the word, Print. You can also print only selected parts of a report.

5) To email a report, click Full Report in the scroll box that contains the words: Send as Email...

6) To save a report, click View PDF. Then save the resulting file to a flash drive.

print and save bar

7) To revise your CQ Reearcher Online search, click the white Home link near the top of the screen.

8) To end a CQ Electronic session, close the browser or click the browser's Home icon.