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Step by Step with Creating Custom tables with the US Census

Step by Step Creating Custom tables with the US Census.

This handout teaches you how to make customized tables at the US Census site. For detailed population or economic information about a particular city, county, or state. There is no source like US Census customized tables. As of the summer of 2012, the most of 2010 US Census is still not available. Some tables still come from the 2000 Census or the American Community Survey. The Census web site retrieves tables from half a dozen of its products and letís you choose your information.

1) The Census web site offers not only a gateway to Census statistics, but also articles on a variety of population related issues, articles that often include statistics and tables. Type
in to your locator bar.

2) To create custom tables, choose American FactFinder from the pull down menu under Data. The American Community Survey, 2010 Census and the People tab at the top of the site all lead to other pages with links to articles but not custom tables.
AmericanFact Finder is under Data

3) Search the American FactFinder page the pale blue facets on the left side.

4) Click the Topics facet to select a topic that most closely matches yours. The Census opens a pop up box. In this box is an expandable list from which you can choose.
Choosing topics 5) Remember to Add your Selection to activate it.

6) You can also restrict to a particular, state, county, or city from the list in the box that pops up when you click the pale, blue Geographies facet. Remember to Add your Selection to make it active.
7) In the middle of the page, the Census gives you a list of custom tables. Next to each tableís title is its data source. This is important if your professors wants you to use only a particular source such as the 2010 Census.

8) Open the tables by clicking on their titles or choose the table(s) best fit your needs by checking off the boxes next to them. Then select View to open multiple tables.

9) You can remove unwanted information by choosing Modify Table and selecting the dark blue tabs.

10 ) To make a PDF copy of your table, click Print or Download and select PDF. You can download your table to a flash drive or save it to the desktop and attach it to an email to yourself.
Seelcting a topic from the list. Don't forget to activate it.

11) To continue searching, click the dark gray, Back to Search box at the top of the page.

12) To start another search, click the link that says Clear all Selections and Start a New Search.

Choose a table to meet your needs