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Step by Step with Biomed Central

Step by Step with Biomed Central

Biomed Central is a browsing tool which leads to articles in various life science disciplines, though its coverage tends to be weak in agriculture and the environmental sciences. Biomed Central lists hundreds of full text free articles. To use Biomed Central effectively, you need to know into which life science subdiscipline or broad category your topic best fits.

  1. First, point your browser at
  2. Here are your choices

  3. BiomedCentral also offers a basic search engine that works reasonably well. A simple search often will get you in the right direction. Journals A-Z, Subject areas, or Gateways can sometimes be good choices as well. Most of the time, trial and error will tell you which method works best one works best with your topic.

    Here is the BMC searchbox

  4. You can use the search box on BiomedCentral just as you would use the box on EBSCOhost Academic Search Complete. For chimpanzee conservation type in chimpanzee* AND conservation. The AND indicates the overlap between two ideas.

    search for Chimpanzees AND conservation

  5. BiomedCentral presents articles in groups of twenty-five (25). Scroll down until you find one that interests you.

  6. To see the full text, click on that article's blue title.
  7. Here is a hot article

  8. To obtain a printable copy of your article with all its images and tables, click on PDF.

  9. If you don't see an article that interests you, keep scrolling down and click Next see older articles. BiomedCentral arranges articles newest to oldest rather than by relevance, so the best articles are not always on top.

  10. Then browse through the back issues.

  11. Articles can be lengthy. Read at least some of each one before printing.

  12. To end a Biomed Central session, click the browser's Home icon, type in another URL, or close the browser.