Academic Information for the Division of Arts and Humanities

Arts and Humanities Strategic Plan

latest version - updated September 2011

Top web links:

1) Current Promotion and Tenure Handbook

2) Faculty Profile Form - editable PDF version

3) Academic Master Plan -

4) Academic Calendar -

5) Flu Policy for syllabus inclusion

6) College Policy Manuals - see Academic Affairs for policies pertaining to teaching

7) Syllabus Checklist - Page 26 From the Faculty guidebook (pdf search = page 29)

8) Events Calendar -

9) R25 Scheduling Web Viewer-

10) Center for Teaching and Learning, Adjunct Place -

11) OIT Technical Training -

12) Internal Professional Development

13) Personal Software -

14) Common Course Outlines -

Faculty Reminders

• Maintain a current GPC ID (J Card)

• Check GPC Email account regularly

• display parking permit appropriately on vehicle

• Check departmental mail box regularly

• Attend departmental and division meetings

• Attend professional development and training classes as appropriate

• Attend all scheduled classes and meet those classes for the entire period • Check the GPC Web site home page for college closing information due to inclement weather ( – A scrolling message will appear at top of home page

• Notify your department chair, per departmental procedure, if you are unable to attend class for any reason

• Do not cancel class without notifying the department chair

• Review the Common Course Outline(s) for your course(s)

• Before preparing course syllabus, check the academic calendar for first and last class dates, any holidays, semester midpoint, and the scheduled date for your final exam (Note: Your final exam should coincide with the published final exam schedule - College policy requires meeting during the Final Exam period)

• Prepare a course syllabus for each class you teach using the Faculty Syllabus Checklist and provide a copy to the department chair at the beginning of the term

• Use the assigned textbook(s) for your course(s)

• Obtain the most current class rolls online – check roll online weekly for any updates

• Check SIS class rolls periodically throughout the semester. Compare SIS rolls against your actual class attendance records – do not allow students to attend class if they are not on your SIS roll

• Report “No Show” Grades online during the required reporting dates

• At week 5 of fall and spring semester, every instructor, including part-time instructors, will be asked to submit early alerts for cohort students in their current classes.

• Be familiar with student withdrawal options

• Maintain complete and accurate student records

• Do not allow students to bring children to class

• Be available to students outside of class (on campus meetings only)

• Administer a final exam for each class you teach, adhering to the final exam scheduled in the Schedule of Classes

• Submit final grades online by the appropriate deadline date for the term – do not miss the deadline!

• Follow Policy 316 Archiving Grades and Final Exams

At the end of each term, submit the following items to the department chair:

• Copies of the final grade sheets

• Copies of the instructor’s grade book pages for each course

• Copy of the final exam for each course

• Any “Petition for an “I” Grade” forms

• Any keys, equipment, or instructional materials as appropriate

• Any additional items required by department chair