Thu Doan started at GPC, received her Associates in Art in 2012, her Bachelors degree in Graphic Design from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2014, and currently works as a designer with Coca-Cola in Atlanta. See her portfolio website at

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The mission of the Department of Arts and Humanities is to make students successful. This is accomplished through -

Transforming the lives of students to thrive in a global society.

Providing them with outstanding instruction, excellent facilities, advanced technology, and diverse opportunities within a liberal arts setting.

Enabling students to achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals by developing their creative, communicative, philosophical, and collaborative knowledge and practice.

Our students, staff, and faculty strengthen the arts and humanities as a mechanism for expanding the economic, social, and cultural vitality within our communities. Each year, Arts and Humanities offers a multitude of courses, along with professional, student, and community exhibitions, lectures, musical and theatrical performances. Get involved and experience the success of the Arts and Humanities at Georgia Perimeter College!