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Math and computer science Courses

Some Computer Science and All Engineering courses are offered at the larger GPC campuses.

CSCI 1100

Introduction to Computing

CSCI 1300

Introduction to Computer Science

CSCI 1301 Principles Computer Science I
CSCI 1302 Principles Computer Science II

MATH 0987

Foundation for Quantitative Skills & Reasoning

MATH 0989 Foundation for College Algebra
MATH 0997 Support for Quantitative Skills & Reasoning
MATH 0999 Support for College Algebra

MATH 1001

Quantitative Skills & Reasoning

MATH 1070


MATH 1111

College Algebra

MATH 1113


MATH 2431

Calculus I

MATH 2432

Calculus II

MATH 2633 Calculus III
MATH 2641 Linear Math


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