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 Frequently Asked Questions

What are Half Semester Classes?

Some departments offer accelerated classes that meet for seven weeks during the fall and spring semesters and for 5 weeks during the summer session. These classes cover the same material that is covered in the regular full-term 15-week classes in the fall and spring semesters and in the full-term 11-week classes in the summer session so they move very fast.


These classes are available for those students who have the necessary time available to satisfy the requirements of the class. The purpose of these "half-semester" classes is to allow students to take a sequence of classes in one semester. For example, a student could take SPAN 1001 in the first half of the semester and SPAN 1002 in the second half of the semester.

 Who offers Half Semester Classes?

However, not all campuses or all departments offer half semester classes in all courses. If half semester classes are offered, they will be listed at the end of the all of the full semester classes for the course. Be sure to scroll down to the end of the list of classes if you are interested in taking a half semester class. Check the Schedule of Classes carefully to be sure you have chosen the correct class.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Question: If I apply too late to start classes at the beginning of a semester, can I still register for classes for the second half semester?
Answer: Students are accepted to enter Georgia Perimeter College at the beginning of a semester or session, but not in the middle of a semester or session

Question: Can I take a half term class and also a full term class at the same time?
Answer: Yes.

Question: What is the maximum number of hours that I can take in a half term?
Answer: All students are limited to 18 credit hours for one semester unless they receive approval from the Academic Dean on the Campus to take more. These hours include full term classes, half term classes, and distance learning classes. It is important to remember a class that is taught in the half term will meet for twice as many minutes per class as the same class that is taught in the full term. The amount of homework and other outside of class assignments will probably double also. Please allow for this extra time when planning your schedule for the semester.