Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)

Here’s how to guarantee your admission to the four-year college you choose

GPC’s Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) agreements include some of the best public and private colleges and universities in Georgia. Pick the school you want, and you can can sign a TAG agreement any time during the year. Complete your core courses or earn an associate degree and transfer to any of a growing number four-year schools - guaranteed.

Follow these simple steps to arrange your Transfer Admission Guarantee to the school of your choice.

1. Choose the school you want to attend from the list featured on the schools you can choose from page. Be sure you have the minimum cumulative GPA* required by your school to guarantee your transfer. Print, fill out and sign the Intent to Transfer Form for the four-year college or university you want to attend.

2.Contact a TAG Advisor and meet in the Advising and Counseling Services Center to review and sign your Intent to Transfer form.

3. You must apply for admission to your four-year transfer school. Apply early and consider applying for financial aid and scholarships. Some schools have special scholarships for transfer students. To find the application deadline, check out the school’s admissions Web site.

4. When you complete 30 hours at GPC, meet with your TAG advisor again for a progress review.

5. Complete 60 hours of GPC courses or your associate degree and other requirements, as detailed in your Intent to Transfer form. (If you transferred to GPC you’ll need to complete at least 30 hours here at GPC.)

6. In your next to last semester at GPC, meet with your TAG advisor again for a TAG Audit. This will ensure that your transfer is hassle-free. If you are graduating from GPC, your Graduation Audit is all you’ll need.

For more information check out our FAQs about TAG.

*Cumulative GPA includes courses transferred in to GPC from other colleges or universities