Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)

What is a Transfer Admission Guarantee?

The Transfer Admission Guarantee or (TAG) is an agreement between Georgia Perimeter College and four-year colleges or universities that allows GPC students who meet certain standards to be guaranteed acceptance as a transfer student there. Visit the schools to choose from page for a list of institutions that have TAG agreements with GPC.

Will all of my credits transfer?

The TAG agreement guarantees that you will be accepted as a transfer student at the college or university you choose. It does not guarantee you will be accepted into a particular program there. Usually, your GPC credits will be accepted for a major if it is the same as your program of study at GPC. But, at many four-year colleges or universities, certain programs such as Business, require an additional application and acceptance. Many of these programs require you to have a higher GPA than for general acceptance to the college or university. If you want to enroll in a particular school or program at your four-year-institution, work with your TAG Advisor to understand what additional requirements and applications you need to complete.

What requirements do I need to meet in order to participate in the program?

The requirements vary for each institution and are listed on the Intent to Transfer forms. Contact a TAG Advisor if you have any questions or if you wish to sign a TAG agreement.

Will the Transfer Admission Guarantee get me into any college I choose?

You will have to choose from the list of colleges and universities that have signed TAG agreements with GPC, and you must meet the requirements of the school you choose. (You can only target one school at a time).

Which colleges will I be able to transfer to?

Visit the schools to choose from page for a list of participating colleges.

Will the Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) automatically enroll me into the major of my choice?

 Donít assume it will. Certain majors have special requirements. If you are accepted to a certain school, it does not mean you are accepted to the major you chose. You may need to fill out a special application for admission into that major. If you change majors, all of your credits may not count towards your new major, so it is best to stick with the same major in order to get into the college. Speak to a TAG counselor for more information.

Can I sign up for a TAG all year long?

Yes, see the TAG advisor on your campus.

When do I apply to the four-year institution?

You must apply to the four-year institution before the institution's application deadline for the semester you plan to transfer. You should indicate that you are planning to transfer under a TAG agreement. Hereís a list of schools. For information about application deadlines, speak to a TAG counselor.

Can I transfer any semester?

Some schools only allow students to begin at the start of the fall term. Others permit you to transfer the semester after your complete your requirements at GPC. See the individual Intent to Transfer Forms for more information.

How will the Transfer Admission Guarantee affect my financial aid?

You will need to apply for financial aid for your new institution. When you apply for admission, you should apply for financial aid.