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Offsite Proctoring Requests

Spring 2017 Deadlines for Offsite Proctor Request Forms

Midterm Exam (Full Semester): Jan. 27

Final Exam (Minimester 1): Jan. 27

Final Exam (Minimester 2): Mar. 24

Final Exam (Full Semester): Mar. 24


Spring 2017 Testing Dates

Midterms (Full Semester): Feb. 22 - 24

Finals (Minimester 1):
Feb. 23 and 24

Finals (Minimester 2):
Apr. 19 and 20

Finals (Full Semester):
Apr. 28 and 29

Who can Test at an Offsite location?
Students who live more than 50 miles from a Perimeter College campus or are out of town during the proctored testing periods and are unable to come to a PC campus location may request to take their Midterm and/or Final Exam at an approved offsite testing center.

Are their fees associated with testing offsite?
Most colleges require that offsite testers pay a fee to use their testing facilities. Students are responsible for paying these fees.

What are the steps to take my Proctored Midterm and/or Final Exams at a non-Perimeter College location?

1. Find an accredited college near you with a Testing Center. Please refer to this list of colleges by state to assist you in finding a location. You can also refer to the National College Testing Association to find approved locations. Libraries and individual professors will not be approved.

  • The above links may not be comprehensive lists, so you can request other colleges with Testing Centers for consideration.

  • If you are a military student, there are often educational centers on the military posts and bases that can be deemed acceptable sites.

  • If you are outside of the United States and not at a military post/ base, then we can NOT guarantee that we will be able to identify an appropriate proctoring site for your exam. We recommend in this case that you wait until you are back in the states to take your math or computer science class.

2. Download and complete the Offsite Proctor Request Form by filling in your student information in the top portion of the form. Save this file to your computer. One form can be used for both your midterm and final.

3. You must make contact (call, email, or go in person) with the testing center in your area to determine if they can accommodate your request to test within the allowable testing dates. If so, schedule an appointment with them. Any exceptions to the allowable testing dates must first be approved by the Online Math/CS Associate Department Chair, Mrs. Andrea Hendricks.

4. Email the Offsite Proctor Request Form to the proctor at your selected testing location with the top portion of the form filled out. The proctor must complete the middle and bottom portions of the form by inserting the date and time of your testing appointment and the proctor/institution information.

5. The proctor at your selected school must email the completed Offsite Proctor Request Form to GSU Offsite Testing.

6. The Perimeter College Online Testing Coordinator will send you a confirmation email to your GSU Student email account to let you know if your offsite test request is approved.

7. The Perimeter College Online Testing Coordinator will send your proctor the testing information.

8. It is a good idea to follow up with your proctor at least a week prior to your appointment to confirm your testing time/date and to confirm that all testing information has been received by your proctor. 

Note: If you do not submit your request form by the deadline, your request to test offsite may be denied.

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