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Offsite Proctoring Requests

Midterm & Final Exam Requests

If you are unable to come to GPC to take your Midterm or Final Exam then arrangements can be made for you to take your exam(s) at an approved testing center nearer to you.
Note: The student is responsible for all required fees when taking an offsite test.

Midterm & Final Exams

1. Find an accredited college near you with a Testing Center. Other sites such as libraries or individual professors will not be approved. You can find a list of colleges nationwide with approved Testing Centers on this website:

  • The above list is not comprehensive, so you can request other colleges with Testing Centers for consideration.

  • If you are a military student, there are often educational centers on the military posts and bases that can be deemed acceptable site. If you fall in this category, email your instructor with the name of the military post/ base, and the name and phone number of someone from the educational center.

  • If you will be outside of the United States and not at a military post/ base, then we can NOT guarantee that we will be able to identify an appropriate proctoring site for your exam. We recommend in this case that you wait until you are back in the states to take your math or computer science class.

2. Download and complete the following document:
Open the following file in Adobe, fill it in, and save the file to your computer. This will enable you to email it to your proctor.

3. PLEASE SUBMIT COMPLETED FORM TO: Georgia Perimeter College Online Testing at
** This form MUST be submitted by the proctor and NOT the student. **

The GPC Online Testing Coordinator will let you know if your offsite request is approved.

Note: If you do not submit your request form within the first 3 weeks of class, your request may be denied.

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