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Software Help

MyMathLab PLUS (MyStatLab) Issues: Math 1001, Math 1070, Math 1433, & Math 2008
  1. GPC uses MyMathLab Plus.

  2. Only MyMathLab Plus codes purchased through the online bookstore are guaranteed to work.

  3. Students with access issues should contact Pearson Technical Support at for possible code swaps. Legitimate reasons for code swaps might be 1) the student has previously taken a course in which the purchased course code no longer works or 2) the student has purchased an incorrect code from Pearson. Students should tell the Pearson Technical Support reps that they are using MyMathLab PLUS (the PLUS part being important).

  4. For other technical issues, students should contact the GPC service desk at or 678-891-3460.

ALEKS (360) Issues: Math 0098
Contact ALEKS Support at or 714-619-7090 (no toll-free number available).

WebAssign Issues: Math 1111 & Math 1113
Contact 1-800-955-8275 and use option 1 or visit