• Program of Study:

92% of Georgia Perimeter College students enrolled in a transfer program of study

Four percent enrolled in a career program

Fewer than 1% enrolled in a dual program with DeKalb Technical Institute

One percent enrolled in a dual program with Gwinnett Technical Institute

  • Degrees Conferred:

Georgia Perimeter College conferred 1,094 degrees in FY 98, increasing 9% over FY 97

80% of the degrees were in transfer programs of study

Eighteen percent were in career programs

37% were awarded to Business transfer students

Two percent were in dual degree program with DeKalb and Gwinnett Technical Institutes

72% were Associate of Science degree, Eight- percent Associate of Art, and three percent Associate of Applied Science

Fourteen percent were awarded to Nursing students

Two percent were awarded to Dental Hygiene students

Seven certificates were awarded to Interpreter Training

  • Quarter Credit Hours :

Eighteen percent of the quarter credit hours produced in FY 98 were in Basic Skills classes

Thirteen percent were generated in Humanities (Letters)

Twelve percent were generated in Mathematics

Eighteen percent were generated in Social Sciences

Eight percent were generated in Business

  • Continuing Education:

In FY 98, Continuing Education offered 1,400 courses to 6,832 participants.

Participants in professional development courses received over 12,000 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)


Source: PAPER