• Among University System of Georgia’s Institutions, Georgia Perimeter College attained the following for Fall 1998:

The largest two-year institution

The third largest institution

The largest freshmen enrollment

The largest sophomore enrollment

The second largest Black student enrollment

The second largest international student enrollment

The third largest in-state enrollment


  • Georgia Perimeter College’s International student enrollment represents 128 different countries.
  • Forty percent of all Joint Enrollment students in the University System matriculate at Georgia Perimeter College.
  • Thirty in-state high schools were attended by one hundred or more fall 1998 Georgia Perimeter College students. Thirty-eight percent of the total enrollment and forty eight percent of the new student enrollment of Georgia Perimeter College's came from these high schools.
  • Georgia Perimeter College students received in excess of $22,800,000 in grants, loans, and scholarships-an increase of 17% over FY 97.
  • Sixty-six percent of Georgia Perimeter College students reside in DeKalb (26.3%), Fulton (14.9%), and Gwinnett (24.5%) counties.
  • During FY 96 1,812 students transferred from Georgia Perimeter College to another unit of the University System. This represents a 9% decrease from FY 95.
  • Georgia Perimeter College students transferred to University System universities and senior colleges with an average GPA of 2.77. While at the senior college or university, they earned an average GPA of 2.85.
  • Other Student Characteristics :

Fifty percent are under age 22

Sixty-one percent are female

Forty-four percent are non-white

Thirty-five percent attend on a full-time basis