Place a GIL Express Request

This page explains the GIL Express borrowing system and how to place a GIL Express request. For more information about GPC's GIL Express policies, see the corresponding section on our Borrowing Items page.

What is the GIL Universal Catalog (UC)? It is the University System of Georgia's combined online catalog. When you do a search in the UC, you're searching the library catalogs of all of the 35 USG colleges and universities at the same time.

When should I use the Universal Catalog? After you have checked your local GIL catalog and still need more information, it's time to search in the GIL UC.

How do I get started in the Universal Catalog? If your local GIL search produces no results, you will see this message: Click here to execute this search in the GIL Universal Catalog. If you want to try a search in the UC, click on this button from any page in GIL (except the opening page).

What do I do with my results after I've searched? Click on the title link for the book you're interested in. Take a look at the book record to make sure it's what you want. If it's owned by GPC and not checked out, it's yours to check out. If it's at another campus, place an intercampus loan request. If GPC doesn't own the book, go on to the next question.

Now that I've found my book, how do I get it? One option is to take your ID, go in person to the school that has the book, and check it out. Another option is to use GIL Express. Place a GIL Express request by clicking on the button at the top of the book record. You can pick up and drop off books at the library of your choice. It takes 2 to 4 days for your request to arrive.

(Note: GPC will not contact you when your requested item arrives. You will have to track the item's progress using your online account.)

How To Place A GIL Express Request
  • Open the record for the book you would like to request. Make sure that the item's status is "Not Checked Out" for at least one of the locations listed.
  • Click the GIL Express Request link at the top of the page At the bottom of the page you should select Georgia Perimeter College from the "Home Institution" drop down box.
  • Enter your patron barcode, PIN, and your last name. (Your patron barcode is the same as the GPC-ID number, or 900#, on your GPC JCard.)
  • Click "Login to My Account".
  • On the next page make sure the box reads "GIL Express Request and click "ok."
  • On the next page you will need to enter your patron barcode (900#) again in the "Patron Barcode" field. Also make sure the "lending library" is correct and that the "pick up at" location is correct. (Note: you can have the book sent to any GPC campus that you prefer, no matter which campus you ordered it from). Click "Submit Request."
  • Your GIL Express Request was successful! Hooray!

But now we recommend that you check your account. When prompted, click on the My Account link at the top of the page. You should be able to find the book on your account page with a "request pending" message next to the title. Watch this space to see when your book is ready to be picked up.

You can also access your account via the GIL catalog's main page using the "Access my GIL account to:" link.