Emergency Notification System

JagALERT is GPC's new state of the art mass notification system that enables college public safety officers to communicate with students, faculty and staff within minutes in the event of an emergency.

How it Works

Through Blackboard's Connect-ED software, GPC public safety officers can communicate vital information via phone, email and SMS text messaging.

When Will it be Used?

JagALERT will only be used in emergencies to notify the college community of events or hazards that present an immediate and present threat, such as severe weather, tornado alerts, violent acts or hazmat situations.

How do I Sign-Up?

You're already signed up! If you are a staff member or registered student, you may have already received a confirmation message from JagALERT asking you to verify your personal information. There is nothing that you need to do to sign up, you only need to make certain your contact information is accurate. Also, by Federal regulation, you may choose to opt out of receiving SMS text messages, JagALERT strongly recommends that you DON'T opt out of this feature.

Verify your Information

Not sure if your information is up to date? If you are a faculty or staff member, login at the ADP faculty and staff portal to double check your information. Faculty & Staff MUST enter their cellular phone under "Cellular Phone 1" to receive emergency text notifications. (Faculty and staff members who have been students at GPC or who are currently students will need to update their employee address in the ADP faculty and staff portal and their student address in the Student Information System (SIS.) If you are a student, login at SIS to double check.

This page is to promote the introduction of the JagALERT emergency notification system. In the event of an emergency, please look out for SMS text and voice messages and emails for updates. Brief messages will appear on the GPC Web site on the scrolling message and final updates when necessary will be posted on the GPC Public Safety site.