Women's Combative Course


Basic Self Defense Techniques for Women

Have you ever…

  Been placed in a situation that you were not sure you could get out of?

 Felt uneasy while walking to your car?

 Just wanted that feeling of confidence?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this class is for you.  Come join us for an effective self-defense training that will improve your physical abilities as well as your mental confidence.


WHO:    Any “current” GPC faculty, staff or students-FEMALES ONLY


WHEN:  6:00pm—9:00pm



                   Newton Campus—TBA

                   Decatur Campus—TBA

                   Dunwoody Campus—TBA

                   Clarkston Campus—TBA

For more information and to register for class contact us at gpcsafet  

“It is better to KNOW and not need than to NEED and not know”