Governance Section : Online Education Think Tank

Presidential Think Tank: Online Education

Charge: Explore and share ideas focused on providing opportunities for individuals seeking an education at GPC other than in a traditional classroom environment by enhancing our online program, while maintaining a high level of quality.

Meeting Dates: 11/13/09 and 2/02/10.

Committee Membership:

Name Title Campus
Dr. Anthony Tricoli President Decatur
Julius Whitaker Executive Assistant to the President Decatur
Evelyn Ting Executive Director of Distance Learning Clarkston
Sheletha Champion Assistant Vice President of Finance Decatur
Richard Beaubien Director of Recruitment and Admissions Clarkston
Nathaniel Holmes Director of Advising and Counseling Newton
Philip Smith Dean of Academic Services Clarkston
Deborah Robinson Director of Information Technology - Security Lakeside
Melora Mirza Associate Library Director Dunwoody
James Kahiga Department Head/Professor Clarkston
Tamra Ortgies-Young Instructor Dunwoody
Debra Moon Associate Professor Clarkston
Carlos Schweinfurth Assistant Director of Distance Learning Clarkston
Katherine Bruni Faculty Clarkston
Virginia Michelich Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs Decatur
Julia Rux Professor Clarkston
Jeffrey Tarnowski Vice President for Institutional Advancement Decatur
Ron Carruth Executive Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs Decatur