Governance Section : International Education Think Tank

Presidential Think Tank: International Education

Charge: Gather thoughts from the GPC community on the direction of international education at GPC and how we can internationalize our college.

Meeting Dates: 2/05/10, 3/29/10, 4/28/10, and 5/13/10.

Committee Membership:

Name Title Campus
Anthony Tricoli President Decatur
Julius Whitaker Executive Assistant to the President Decatur
Deborah Gonzalez Associate VP for Academic Affairs,
Engagement and International Education
Virginia Michelich Vice President for Academic Affairs Decatur
Adrienne Langston Study Abroad Advisor Clarkston
Andrea Dibenardo Instructor Clarkston
Ann Mallard Librarian AC Clarkston
Barbara Hall Associate Professor Clarkston
Carissa Morris Department Head Assistant Professor Newton
Carol Wilkerson Academic Discipline Dean Dunwoody
Eric Kendrick Assistant Professor Dunwoody
Cherri Kading Instructor Dunwoody
David Koffman Department Head Assistant Professor Clarkston
Debra Cronin IT Director Client Services and Planning Lakeside
William Moon Department Head Assistant Professor Newton
Enefiok Umana Associate Professor Clarkston
William Madden, Jr. Assistant Professor Dunwoody
Catherine Horat Coordinator - Nursing Clarkston
Veronique Barnes Director of ISAA Clarkston
Frederick Bounds Associate Professor Dunwoody
Tina Stern Professor Dunwoody
James Engstrom Department Head Professor Dunwoody
Salli Vargis Professor Newton
James Kahiga Department Head Professor Clarkston
Janita Rawls Grants Writer Decatur
Priscilla Dodds Associate Professor Clarkston
Rusandica Manole Instructor Dunwoody
Lisa Alexander Instructor Clarkston
Julia Rux Professor Clarkston
Pamela Moolenaar-Wirsiy Director - Center for Teaching and Learning Clarkston
Luise Strange de Soria Professor Clarkston
Nicole Weeden Student Affairs Counselor Clarkston
Margee Bright-Ragland Associate Professor Clarkston
Martin Okafor Associate Professor Clarkston
Natarajan Kumaresan Associate Professor Dunwoody